Monday, February 18, 2019
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Apple now replacing some iPhone 5 battery for free

On Friday, Apple announced its iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program which will replace the battery of some iPhone 5 users for free. Apple found out that some iPhone 5 were manufactured...

Broken/stuck iPhone 5 power button? Apple will replace it for free

If your iPhone 5 was manufactured through March 2013, then there's a possibly that the power (sleep, wake) button has or will stop working or will work intermittently. Apple has recognized that its...

Apple will no longer replace iPhone 5c unit, will replace screen only in-store

Soon if you take your iPhone 5c to an Apple store you will not receive a new clean unit... you'll receive the same unit you took. Beginning on Monday, January 20th,...

Cracked iPhone 5 screen? Apple will replace it for $150

If you have an iPhone 5 with a cracked screen or will soon crack your iPhone 5 screen, then Apple finding the right person to repair it for the right price...

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