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    Alternatives turn-by-turn GPS apps for iPhone 4, iPad 2 or older on iOS 6


    In case you didn’t know, Apple decided it would be a great marketing ploy to make turn-by-turn navigation an exclusive feature for iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and later in iOS 6 Maps; although older iOS devices are capable of doing turn-by-turn navigation completely fine. This mean when Apple release iOS 6 this fall iPhone 4, iPad 2 and older iOS devices like the iPhone 3GS running iOS 6 will not have the turn-by-turn navigation feature. Now, if you own one those unsupported devices don’t worry — there are many way you can have turn-by-turn navigation on your older iPhone, iPad model. Here’s a list of GPS applications that have turn-by-turn navigation and can be used on any iOS devices.

    1. Waze

    Waze is a free social mobile app that enables drivers to build and use live maps, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation for an optimal commute. 100% powered by users the more you drive the better it gets.

    Download Waze (free)

    2. TomTom U.S. & Canada

    The TomTom Navigation app. World-class TomTom navigation, on your iPhone or iPad. Clear turn-by-turn guidance while on the phone thanks to iOS Multitasking support.

    Download TomTom ($60)

    3. Navfree GPS Live USA

    Navfree offers turn-by-turn directions, voice and on-screen instructions, offline map use and address search and live search via Google and Microsoft Bing, among many other features. Navfree is a completely free navigation app with no additional monthly charges. It uses map data created by a community of thousands of users around the world.

    Download  Navfree GPS Live USA (free)

    4. GPS Navigation 2 – skobbler (US/CAN)

    The next skobbler generation including optional offline mode upgrade. True voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation at an unbelievable price. One of the most successful navigation apps in the App Store with more than 1.5 million users worldwide.

    Download GPS Navigation 2 ($0.99)

    4. MapQuest

    MapQuest is the #1 provider of FREE voice-guided, turn-by-turn, GPS navigation for iPhone. Much like those expensive GPS units, this free app speaks to you, telling you when and where to make a turn.

    Download MapQuest (free)

     5. CoPilot Live North America

    With complete, detailed street maps of the U.S. and Canada stored on-board your iPhone, not downloaded each trip, there’s no need to rely on your mobile service for navigation or risk running up expensive roaming and data charges.

    Download CoPilot ($20)

    6. NAVIGON 

    With NAVIGON you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a fully functional mobile navigation system. Thanks to a faithful adaptation of the menu functions, the app fits in seamlessly with the iOS operating concept and can be installed on any iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPad device (the navigation function is only available on the iPad WiFi +3G).

    Download Navigon ($60)


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