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    How to unlock AT&T iPhone bought from eBay, Craigslist without AT&T account


    As you may already know, after five years offering the iPhone, AT&T started unlocking iPhone for the first time on April 8. However, AT&T doesn’t unlock all iPhones, they have some requirements and one of those requirements is to have an AT&T account in good standing. This sounds like if you want AT&T to unlock your iPhone, you’d need to be an AT&T customer or have an online account with them. However, if you bought your iPhone off eBay, Craigslist or another place and didn’t purchase it directly from AT&T and have never been an AT&T customer, it is likely that you don’t have an AT&T account.

    Fortunately there are a few loopholes that allow you to make AT&T unlock your iPhone, even if you have never been a customer with them or don’t have an AT&T account. The first loophole involve calling AT&T and speaking to a representative. The second is to chat with AT&T’s technical support online which doesn’t require an AT&T account. Both methods won’t require you to provide AT&T your personal information such as phone number, address, or full real name. All you’ll need to provide AT&T is the iPhone’s IMEI number, a valid email address, and maybe your first name.

    Unlock AT&T iPhone by calling AT&T

    If you want to unlock your AT&T iPhone by calling AT&T, call AT&T at 1-800-331-0500. When calling, talk with a representative. Tell the representative that you want to unlock your iPhone. After that, the representative will ask you for the iPhone IMEI number which can be found by going to Settings> General> About> IMEI. Then she will ask you for your email address to send the unlock instructions.

    Unlock iPhone on AT&T chat without AT&T account

    Luckily, a guy named Jason Hawks noticed that AT&T does not use tech support system made by themselves, they use third-party chat/customer support system by LivePerson. This makes possible to chat with AT&T tech support without having an AT&T account by modifying the URL. Click the URL below to chat with AT&T tech support…!skill=bds-bau-english&SESSIONVAR!pagename=WirelessSupportChat&SESSIONVAR!Section=MyATT

    Explain to the representative that you want to unlock your iPhone. Then you should receive an email from AT&T like the one below. Restore your iPhone with iTunes and the iPhone should now be unlocked if AT&T approves the unlock request.


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