Approximately 700 comments supporting and against jailbreak sent to the U.S. Copyright Office from high-profile individuals and companies has been posted on the Copyright office website. In the comments page, you can find opinions from many known companies such as Sony who opposes jailbreak bringing the copyright infringement and piracy excuses. Many Other individuals and companies such as Saurik (Cydia’s creator), Mozilla (Firefox), and Bunnie Studios supports the exception of jailbreaking or hacking your smartphone or gaming console.

On Friday, February 10, the Copyright Office received approximately 700 comments on the classes of works proposed for exemption from the prohibition on circumvention of technological measure that control access. Links to most of those comments appear below, and links to the remainder should appear by the end of this week (i.e., by Feb. 17, 2011). The Office is also in the process of identifying, for each comment, which proposed class(es) of works is addressed. Those classes that the Office has already identified appear below.

Apparently, Apple doesn’t care about this. From the list of comments you will not find Apple’s statement. This can be because they’d still release firmware updates to patch holes in their firmware that lead to jailbreaking.