With a new app on the App Store called External Keyboard, you can use the iPhone or iPod Touch keyboard as your iPad keyboard. As part of allowing the iPhone/iTouch keyboard being use on the iPad, it also adds the iPhone/iPod Touch extra language such as Arabic, Greek, Thai, Hebrew and more that the iPad doesn’t have.

External Keyboard

To use this app you will have to connect both devices together. This connection can be made through Bluetooth or WiFi. Since this app in a universal app, you need to download the application on both device, but don’t worry you will only be charged once.

Use Your iPhone iPod Touch Keyboard On Your iPad Wirelessly With This AppThe downside of this app is that it has limitations which makes the app close to being useless due to developers restrictions. One of the downside of this application is that the app must be open in both device in order to use it.

Download External keyboard from iTunes for iPhone/iTouch and iPad.

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