Are Android fans going too far in taking justice in their own hands to save Apple zombies from buying the inferiority bendy phone? A video uploaded to YouTube on Monday shows two kids in the UK going to Apple Stores… and their purpose – to bend as much iPhone 6 Plus as they can. The kids even showed their face on the video stating that they will do it again if the video gets popular. The first iPhone 6 they try to bend got separated from the screen in matter of seconds. Applying the same procedures as they did with the iPhone 6 Plus, one of the kids tried to bend an iPhone 6 which he couldn’t bend as easily. The kid later asked an Apple employee about the bending issues the iPhone 6 Plus were having and the employee denied any real bending problem with the iPhone 6 stating that it was only online rumors.

At the end, the industrial engineer concluded that “Apple needs to fix this” because “it’s fucking stupid.”