Monday, February 24, 2020
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    Windows Phone 8 Facebook Messenger app launches with tons of new features


    Facebook Messenger Windows Phone 8Windows Phone 8 users can finally download the Facebook messenger app and enjoy features iPhone and Android users have been using for a while. Other than just sending messages, the app brings many more features than what the already installed Facebook app already offers. Windows Phone 8 users can now send and receive messages without having to open the Facebook website using Internet Explorer. The app also let users send stickers and photos privately, share location, see when friends have read your messages, see friends who is active on the Messenger app, receive notifications on new messages.

    Messenger is just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan).

    – Get to all your messages without having to open Facebook.
    – Bring your conversations to life with stickers and send photos privately.
    – Have group conversations and make plans on the go.
    – Share your location so people know when you’re nearby.
    – Know when people have seen your messages.
    – See who’s using Messenger and who’s active on Facebook.
    – Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
    – Turn off notifications when you’re working, sleeping or just need a break.
    – Never lose your conversation history or contacts.

    You can download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 from the Windows Phone Store for free.


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