Windows Phone 7 UI

Unlike Android and some iOS users, it looks like Microsoft will not leave Windows Phone early adopters with outdated software installed on their device. During an event in Portugal, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that all Windows Phone devices will be able to get Windows Phone 8 Apollo update; even first Windows Phone devices to reach the market such as LGs and Samsung OMNIA will be compatible with the Apollo update.

Q: In terms of devices, who today have one is it expectable that…

A: What Microsoft said/stated and what I’m allowed to tell you is that all actual devices will get upgrade to the next major version of Windows Phone (we´re talking about Apollo)

Q: When you say actual devices. Are all that came out to market?

A: Are all that came out. Since the first generation that were bought. The LGs and SAMSUNGs.. OMNIA 7 which were the first devices with Windows Phone reaching the market.

Hopefully the updates will not take forever like Android phones over-the-air updates.

(Source thenextweb)