If you’re an Xbox One owner and have a subscription for Spotify you’ll soon be able to enjoy the native Spotify app on your system. Just before its release, Italian website Aggiornamenti Lumia got a hold of the beta version of the app and released many information and screenshots of the app. The website states that this app was created from scratch specifically for the Xbox One. According to the app’s description, the app will allow users to listen to their song while playing any game.

Here are all the features supported in the app. This list shows a compilation of features officially stated in the app’s description and some discovered within the beta:

  • Listen to music in the background while you play, for free.
  • Browse your favorite albums, songs and playlists.
  • Easy playback from your Xbox One Controller, or change tunes from your mobile or tablet without leaving the game.
  • Find the perfect playlist for epic gaming in the Gaming genre (in Browse) on Spotify.
  • Premium users can listen in higher quality audio and without ads.
  • Listen to free and on-demand music
  • Listen to the tracks in the background
  • Control playback with your smartphone without interrupting the game
  • Discover playlists dedicated to gamers
  • Look for any song
  • Listen without interruptions and high definition audio (Premium)