Sunday, March 29, 2020
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    YouTube Dark Mode theme disappeared? Here’s how to get it back


    Even though YouTube have had a ton of improvements in the past years, I consider the dark theme to be on the list of one of its most visually appealing improvement of all time. Recently, after deleting all my web browser content (cookies, cache, etc), I quickly noticed that I lost the dark theme once I visited YouTube for the first time. Not a big deal, I promptly thought. I thought that to get the dark theme back, all I had to do was to click my profile and then toggle on the dark theme option. I was very wrong. Once I clicked my profile, there was no option to turn on the dark theme; the dark theme option appeared to be missing. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to get this option back.

    To get the dark theme, first you have to browser a special YouTube link to have the new YouTube material redesign activated to your account. The dark theme comes with the redesigned YouTube. To do this, first navigate to and then click the option that says “GO TO YOUTUBE.” After you’ve done this, simply click your profile and toggle on the “Dark theme” option.


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