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    10 Amazing iPhone 6 concept designs


    Why are iOS devices like the iPhone so popular? Is it because Apple users are sheep? Those are the questions many Android users always have in mind. The reason iPhones are so popular is because when it comes to design, Apple has the best hardware design in their products. The first iPhone released in 2007 was mind blowing compared to other cell phones hardware design. Three years after releasing the original iPhone, Apple once again surprised the public with their iPhone 4 design.

    Now that they have released the iPhone 5 and 5s with the same design, we are waiting for the iPhone 6 which will be introduced with a new design this year. In the mean time, many great artists have come up with iPhone 6 concepts. These are some of the best concepts which will look like the real iPhone 6.

    Larger screen iPhone 6

    Image Source: Ciccarese Design

    The year began with iPhone 6 rumors. The first iPhone 6 rumor of this year suggests that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note in the phablet market. 

    iPhone Air

    Another concept from Ciccarese Design is the iPhone Air. The iPhone Air is an iPhone 5s mixed with the design of Apple’s iPad Air.

    iPhone 6 with 5.1 inch screen, Retina 2

    This iPhone, which comes from designer Joseph Farahi at OvalPicure, renders a 5.1 inch iPhone with the same body as the iPhone 5s. The concept features a 10 MP camera, 4K and 500 FPS video recording, solar charging, Retina 2, and Lightning 2.

    iPhone 6 with no home button

    Of all the iPhone 6 concepts, this concept from French website is the most realistic and best concept you’ll see. The concept features an iPhone 6 with an iPad mini-like design. The concept also shows the iPhone without a home button or a bezel, making the screen bigger without adding more width or height to the phone.

    Bezel-less iPhone 6

    From the same designer at, this is how a bezel-less iPhone 6 would look against an iPhone 5s with bezel and home button.

    iPhone 6 with wrap-around screen

    (Image source:

    This is a how a completely-touch iPhone would look. The phone features a music control, volume control, and options at the side of the phone.

    Another bezel-less design

    For those looking for an edge-edge iPhone, this is how it might look. Compared to other bezel-less concepts, the iPhone appearing in the image has a home button. You can check the full galaxy at

    iPhone 6 with an Apple home button

     A phone with an Apple logo as its home button, similar to Apple logo on front of iMacs. The concept comes from ADR-studio.

    iPhone 6 phablet

    Another great concept showing a phablet from Apple. This concept demonstrate that Apple could easily overtake Samsung’s phablet market if they ever release an iPhone-based phablet.

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