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    Allegedly iPhone 6 stolen from Foxconn factory (pictures)


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    Apple will unveil their new iPhone 6 next month. Till now and like always, they have not posted or given any details regarding to the new design their iPhone 6 will feature. But in the mean time, celebrity gossip website TMZ have received pictures of an allegedly stolen iPhone 6 straight out of its production line at the Foxconn factory. The site claims that the iPhone 6 was smuggled by an ex-employee who who worked in Foxconn designing the outer shell of the device. TMZ also states that the phone is not running the final version of iOS 8 which is added in another Foxconn department for security purposes.

    TMZ describes the phone as being lighter with a new sensor on the front. From the pictures, we can also see that the iPhone 6 is not just taller, but also wider than the iPhone 5.

    iPhone 6 lighter

    iPhone 6 back panel iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5

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