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    Apple to ditch TSMC for Samsung for its next iPhone 7 A9 processor (report)


    shumuri SLIM CASE 0.3MM IPHONE 6 For years, Apple has been trying to alienate themselves from other competitor’ products, they don’t want other rivals’ products or service in their product. We first saw this when Apple decided to remove Google Maps from iOS in order to ad their own default Apple Maps application. Recently with the released of the iPhone 6, Apple cut off partnership with Samsung who manufactured their processors ever since the iPhone 4. Apple shifted the processor manufacturing job to Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSMC) in the recently released iPhone 6 which features the A8 processor. A new report suggests that this was not a good idea to begin with. According to South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, Samsung will manufacture all processors for future iPhones, Apple will ditch TSMC. This reportedly due to Samsung having a better chip manufacturing process than Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

    (Source: VentureBeat)

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