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    Apple iPhone 5S announced with fingerprint sensor, A7 CPU, gold, more LTE bands


    iPhone 5s white Apple on Tuesday unveiled its Galaxy S4 rival, the company announced the long-awaited iPhone 5s. The announcement confirmed many rumors and speculations of the iPhone 5s.

    Touch ID iPhone 5S

    The iPhone 5s was announced with a new fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. The Touch ID sensor allows you to unlock your iPhone 5s by using your fingerprint by putting your finger on the home button. Your fingerprint can also be used to download apps from the App Store, iTunes, and iBook. Multiple fingerprint can be set as password. Apple also internally improved the iPhone 5s by adding a 64-bit A7 processor which is twice as fast as the processor in the iPhone 5. Beside the A7 processor, Apple also packed the 5s with a new M7 coprocessor to help the A7 processor with motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. The camera was not left out in this refreshment. Instead of adding more megapixels to the camera like competitors do just for marketing purposes,  Apple kept 8 megapixel camera and increase the sensor’s size by 15% percent.

    Apple’s also offering new colored cases for the iPhone 5s for $49.

    The iPhone 5S will be released on September 20 in three different colors including gray, gold, and silver. As with previous iPhone, the 5s will be available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB starting at $199 and additional $99 for more storage.


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