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    5 Stunning iPhone Mods


    The iPhone has many mods that can make the iPhone look more cooler and more unique from other iPhone devices. A lot of this mod are interesting because it completely changes the way the iPhone looks. Here are 5 iPhone mods that are very interesting to see and try.

    1. Make the iPhone’s Apple logo to glow

    Like the glowing Apple logo on MacBooks, this mod makes the Apple’s logo at the back of the iPhone plate to glow. This mod was by made by iPatch, an iPod and iPhone repair specialist from UK. The glowing Apple’s logo doesn’t cause problem to the iPhone’s battery. This mod is not currently available, although iPatch says it will be available very soon. The glowing logo works will be available on iPhone 4 and 4S. It will cost  £100 (150 USD) once it becomes available for sale.

    2. Remember Steve Jobs on your iPhone

    Another nice mod for the iPhone’s backplate is the “iPhone for Steve” Rear Panel for iPhone 4/4S. As you can see from the picture above, this backplate has a redesigned Apple logo, designed by Jonathan Mak. You can can buy this back panel, which is easy to replace, from K.O Gadget for a price of $23.90. The panel is available for white and black iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

    3. Change the color of the iPhone (plates) with a conversion kit

    Don’t like the two colors — black or white — iPhone models Apple currently have? Perhaps you want your iPhone to be in another color such as red, pink, orange, green, etc. You can replace the iPhone color in any color you want by buying an iPhone conversion kit. These kits are available in many different colors and designs as well. You can get conversion kit for your iPhone at Yoyobase, or other places such as eBay or Amazon.

    4. Give your iPhone an OS X Lion look with OS X Lion Ultimatum

    Want to completely make iOS on your iPhone look different? The best way of doing this is by installing OS X Lion Ultimatum. OS X Lion Ultimatum is a theme for jailbroken iPhone that will make your iPhone’s iOS look like a ported version of OS X Lion. You can download and find out more information about this theme on

    5. Make the iPhone transparent with this case

    This is another conversion kit mod. The TRANSPARENT IPHONE CONVERSION KIT makes your iPhone look transparent, showing the nakedness of your iPhone to everyone. This kit is currently available at a French online store for € 129.00.