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    Cydia receives major update, back up sources to iTunes and iCloud


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    Cydia has received another major update from its creator Saurik. Saurik has released Cydia 1.1.19. The update brings many fixes to bugs introduced in the previous Cydia update which allowed Cydia to run as mobile instead of as root. It also brings the ability of having your sources backed up in iTunes or iCloud device back up. So if you update your iOS and rejailbreak it on the latest iOS version you will not lose any of your sources once your restore your device from the previous backup. Here’s the changes the new Cydia brings to its users:

    Section Hiding Sometimes Crashed

    If you went to “Sources”, tapped “All Sources” (or an individual source), tapped “Edit”, and toggled section hiding on or off, Cydia could crash. (This feature lets you hide specific categories of packages from showing up in “Changes” if you aren’t interested in them.) Cydia should no longer crash when you do that.

    Ignore Upgrades Didn’t Do Anything

    If you had gone to “Change Package Settings” at the top of a package page for an installed package, and then chose “Ignore Upgrades” (which means “do not include this package when selecting Upgrade All”), that feature wasn’t doing anything. It should now work again.

    “Fix Half-Installed Package”… Didn’t

    Ordinarily when a package installation fails for some reason, it can be left in a “half-installed” state, and Cydia offers to fix this state for you — but this wasn’t working. Now if you get a half-installed package and accept the option to fix it, it should get fixed.

    Storage Reported Impossible Values

    If you went to the Cydia homepage, tapped “Storage Information”, and tapped “Storage” to learn how much room you have for new packages, Cydia reported strange numbers. Cydia should report reasonable numbers now.

    Missing Changelog Item Re Backup

    When we wrote the changelog for Cydia 1.1.19, we forgot to mention that as of Cydia 1.1.19, your sources list is now included in your iTunes backup. This means that if you add a few sources, backup your jailbroken device, restore, and both put your backup onto your device and jailbreak again, Cydia will conveniently have your list of sources including the ones you added.

    You can obtain this update by launching Cydia and visiting the “Changes” tab and selecting “Complete Upgrade” once the prompt shows up.

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