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    Why these Cydia tweaks are the only reason I jailbreak my iPhone


    Every time Apple releases a new iOS update – whether is a small or a major update – I never update to the latest Apple’s iOS release. This is because if I do so, I will lose my jailbreak. By now you probably think I have a ton of Cydia tweaks and apps installed on my iPhone, but the truth is that I barely have any tweaks or apps. At first, when I was a kid around 12-16, I only jailbroke to customized my device by installing themes such as those installed through WinterBoard. But as I got older, customizing my device became less appealing to me. Now I mainly jailbreak the device to have utilities apps/tweaks. If Apple ever introduce a replacement for this three tweaks in a future iOS update, I will not bother jailbreaking my device.

    TetherMe – share cellular data with other devices

    TetherMe iOS 7

    With TetherMe I can share my Sprint cellular data with any WiFi-capable device. The data is obtained of my unlimited data plan so I don’t get charged any extra fees for tethering to other devices. This works with any other carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. I have used up to 50GB of data tethering in a month with no problem at all. TetherMe can be downloaded from BigBoss repo for $5.

    WiFi Passwords – view WiFi passwords

    iphone wifi

    A common feature you’ll find in any laptop is that you can see the password of any WiFi network you have previously used in the computer. This feature is even available in the Android OS. Apple also have this option for on OS X. But for some reason iOS users are not able to see the password of any WiFi networks in which they have previously used. Thankfully, Cydia has a free app called ‘WiFi Passwords’ which records all WiFi networks along with their passwords. This app is available for free.

    Safari Downloader+– download any file from Safari

    Safari Download ManagerWith Safari Downloader+ you can download any media from Safari and store it in your iPhone’s internal storage for offline viewing. The app also lets you import the content to cloud services such as Dropbox or open it with local apps like iFile or VLC, depending on the content. Safari Downloader+ is available in the BigBoss default repo for $3.50.