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    How to find routing, account number on Bank of America app and online


    Just like with the Wells Fargo app and online account, finding your Bank of America routing and account number is very easy if you look in the right place.

    As you may already know, if you do not know your bank routing and account number, you won’t be able to set up direct deposit from your employer. Also, you will not be able to perform wire transfers or receive payments from institutions such as the IRS or brokerage firms like Robinhood.

    Thankfully, Bank of America has made it very easy to find this information through their BoA mobile banking app and through their online website.

    Find account number, checking routing number on Bank of America app

    Using the BoA mobile banking app is the best way to always have your account and routing number at the tip of your finger. Through the app, here’s how to find the routing and account number of your Bank of America savings or checking account.

    1. Download the Bank of America mobile app for your Android or iOS device.
    2. Register for online banking with them if you have already not and launch the BoA app.
    3. Log into your Bank of America account. bofa mobile login
    4. Tap Accounts at the bottom navigation bar of the screen.
    5. Now, tap View on the checking or savings account on which you’d like to find the routing/account number. Bank of America check routing and account number
    6. After tapping VIEW, your routing number should be displayed under ACCOUNT INFO.
    7. Finally, tap VIEW to unveil your account number at the right side of “Account Number,” which should be 12 digits in total. Digits of Bank of America account number

    Find Bank of America routing number and account number online

    If you would rather use a computer than the mobile app, don’t worry! Bank of America makes the process of finding your routing and account information just as easy as on a mobile phone.

    1. Just like on your mobile, logging into your BoA online account. Sign in to my Bank of America account
    2. From under Personal Accounts, select the checking or savings account you would like to obtain the routing and account number off. Bank of America account balance screenshot
    3. Now, click the Information and Services tab.Bank of America Information and Services
    4. The Information and Services tab will now display your routing and account number. Just click Show Account number to view your whole account number. Bank of America address for wire transfer