Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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    Hacker hacks the Apple Watch, adds a web browser to it (video)


    Apple Watch web browserApple Watch, released about three weeks ago, has already been hacked by famous iOS hacker Comex. Thankfully, Comex is not a malicious hacker, he is very well-known for his contributions to the iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) jailbreak community. Although is not very practical for obvious reason, the hacker added a web browser to the Apple Watch which Apple does not offer or permit. With a video of the Apple Watch rendering the Google home page, Comex posted a tweet on Twitter stating, “I always wanted a web browser on my wrist.”

    Later after posting the video, Comex clarified that the “Watch OS is based on UIKit already, but the SDK doesn’t allow running any native code.”

    (Via iClarified)

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