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    How to: Fixes for all Errors codes on iTunes and iPhone


    When updating, restoring or syncing your iDevices(iPad, Iphone, iPod Touch) a lot of time we get error codes showing up on iTunes. You get the most errors codes on iTunes especially when your iDevice is jailbroken or you’re restoring to a custom IPSW. You can find the solutions to fix error codes here, on the Apple’s support page. But we all know their solutions a lot of times doesn’t work specially if you’re jailbroken.

    If you’re still having trouble with your iDevices and iTunes getting errors codes after trying to the solutions on Apple’s support page, there are a couple other solutions you can try.

    If you’re trying to restore or update to a custom IPSW first make sure the cooked IPSW is well made. If you custom IPSW is good but still having problem the most efficient way of getting around the error codes on iTunes is by using a program called iREB developed by iH8sn0w. What this program will do is to put your device into a jailbreakable state and it will find a way to get around any of the iTunes error codes. iREB works with any device but is only compatible with Windows OS.

    Or else, if you’re having trouble connecting your device to iTunes what you can do is to check this iTunes Errors list. From there you can check and see solutions for all iTunes error codes-this is a very helpful page/wiki if you’re having trouble with iTunes.

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