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    How to make AT&T unlock your iPhone (factory unlock)


    Update: This is a very outdated method of unlocking AT&T iPhones. This is how it was done when AT&T first began to allow their customer to unlock their iPhones back in 2012. AT&T now has an extremely easy process of unlocking any device.

    On Saturday, it was reported that AT&T will begin unlocking iPhones for qualifying customers starting on Sunday, April 8. That day has come. AT&T is now finally unlocking iPhones for customers. To unlock your iPhone from AT&T you will have to contact AT&T first, this can done via their technical support live chat service on their website or by calling them. I’d recommend to do it using the live chat technical support, it’s easier and faster. If you’re an AT&T customer and want to unlock your iPhone here’s how to do it.

    First, you need to meet the service requirements listed below:

    • Your wireless service has been active for 90 days or longer
    • Your account is current and in good standing
    • Your phone is not sold exclusively by AT&T
    • Your phone does not have a long-term exclusive service agreement, or the contract time period has expired

    If you purchased the iPhone from eBay, Craigslist, Apple or somewhere else and not directly from AT&T:

    • You have had AT&T service for six months or longer
    • You can provide a receipt or other proof of purchase

    Now if you meet the service requirements above and would like to unlock the iPhone by calling AT&T, call AT&T at  1-800-331-0500 or 611 from your device.

    Want to do from AT&T’s live chat which is easier and faster? Here’s how to do it:

    Check your iPhone IMEI number by going to Settings > General > About > IMEI.

    1. Go to AT&T’s live chat technical support page and log in with your AT&T account. After logging in click “Chat Now” next to Technical Support.
    2. A chat form will pop out. Fill the form, and type “I want to unlock my iPhone 4″ in the “How may we assist you today?” field with iPhone in the ‘Make/Model of Device‘ field. Click Start Chat button.
    3. Explain the representative that you want to unlock your iPhone, and provide your iPhone IMEI number which can be found by going to Settings > General > About > IMEI. The representative will check if your iPhone is eligible to get unlocked after you provide the IMEI number.
    4. If the iPhone is eligible for unlock, the representative will ask you for en email address. In that email address you provide them, you will receive further introductions to unlock the iPhone. This will take some time.

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