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    How to upgrade your PS4 hard drive


    PS4 accessories We know the PS4 comes with a 500 GB built-in HDD. To many this may be enough space, but to other this will be too little. The PS4 will require all games to be cached to the hard drive, even rail disc games. Games installation will range from 30 – 40 GB, so  you will only be able to have around 10 to 12 games installed on your PS4. If that’s not enough for and you would like to have more space for media or to install extra games, you’ll need to replace your PS4 internal HDD – the PS4 doesn’t support external HDD or jump drive for gaming content, only for media. Here’s what you’ll need to replace the PS4 internal HDD…

    The first thing you’ll need is an internal hard drive that is compatible with the PS4. Compatible PS4 hard drive need to meet following requirements:

    • 2.5″, less than 9.5mm thick
    • 160 GB or bigger

    PS4 hard drive replacement

    Now that you have your hard drive, you can put it in your PS4. To access the hard drive, you’ll need to pull forward the upper shell part of the system. As explained by German website, the hard drive can be removed by using a torx screwdriver after taking apart the upper shell.

    Ps4 hdd

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