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    Muting someone on Instagram: What it is and what happens when you do it?


    In May 2018 Instagram added a new feature to allow you to personalize your feed even further. This feature, called Mute, lets you hide people/brands from your Home feed without having to unfollow them. The Mute option comes in handy use when you have a person who constantly posts useless/boring content and would otherwise get a little angry if they notice you’ve unfollowed them. Also, the Mute option is useful if you don’t want to see content from a private account without having to unfollow them and losing the privilege of viewing their content.

    What happens when you mute someone on Instagram?

    When you mute an account on Instagram, content from that particular user will no longer show in your home page feed. However, you will still have the ability to go on their profile and see any photo/video/story uploaded by that user. You’ll also be able to see and get notified in posts or comments that that person has tagged you in. Overall, you’ll be able to interact with that user as if nothing has happened.

    How do you mute someone on Instagram?

    How to mute on Instagram

    Although Instagram changed the way to mute someone since it introduced the option, it is still very easy to do so:

    1. Navigate to the user you’d like to mute.
    2. Tap the Following option in the left-hand corner.
    3. Tap Mute.
    4. From there you will get the two options which are: Mute Post, and Mute Stories.