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    Most stunning iPhone concept designs of all time


    Why are iOS devices like the iPhone so popular? Is it because Apple users are sheep? Those are the questions many Android users always have in mind. The main reason iPhones became so popular is that Apple has the best hardware across their products when it comes to design.

    The first iPhone released in 2007 was mind-blowing compared to other smartphone designs. Three years after releasing the original iPhone, Apple surprised the public with its iPhone 4 redesign.

    While Apple undoubtedly hires the best hardware engineers and designers, many amateur designers have come up with some stunning concepts for what the next iPhone should look like.

    iPhone 16 concept

    iPhone 16 concept

    Great concept by Redditor G8M8N8, basing the design of the iPhone 4.

    Larger screen iPhone 6 Plus

    iPhone 6 Plus amateur design concept

    Image Source: Ciccarese Design

    This is from the era when people were begging Apple to release an iPhone with a bigger screen, called a “phablet” back then. This phone ended up being the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus was released to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup in the phablet market.

    iPhone 6 with no home button

    iPhone 6 no home button

    Of all the iPhone 6 concepts, this concept from the French website is the most realistic and best concept you’ll see. The concept features an iPhone 6 with an iPad mini-like design. The concept also shows the iPhone without a home button or a bezel, making the screen bigger without adding more width or height.

    Bezel-less iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5

    From the same designer at, this is how a bezel-less iPhone 6 would look against an iPhone 5s with a bezel and a home button.