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    Turn on iPhone flashlight from the LockScreen with Torch (Cydia tweak)


    Using the iPhone 4S or 4 camera LED requires you to download either a free or paid flashlight app from the App Store. Then to use the LED as a flashlight you have to launch the app from the home screen, requiring the iPhone’s LED and screen to be on at the same time-consuming the battery faster. It doesn’t have to be like this if your iPhone is jailbroken. A new tweak from Cydia called ‘Torch’ allows you to turn the iPhone ‘s camera LED straight the LockScreen. With Torch you can turn on the LED from the lockscreen and put the iPhone on stand by again, just leaving the LED on.

    Toggle LED Flash from the LockScreen.
    Only for iPhone 4 and 4S.
    Do you just hate it when the electricity in your house or any place goes down? And you need to launch the Camera App and then toggle flashlight?
    Some people do want to toggle the Flashlight super-quickly and easily. Especially in my country, where electricity goes down a dozen times.
    This tweak simply adds a flashlight toggle on the LockScreen next to the clock.
    Enable from Settings App.

    If you find this tweak useful, you can download it from Cydia for free.