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    Best free movie apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, smart TV


    With Netflix increasing its prices on a yearly basis, and media companies fragmenting the market by creating their own streaming platform, it’s hard to NOT look for free alternative options. And not just increasing its prices, Netflix has also been suffering from a lack of quality and even quantity in content compared to a few years ago. If you’re tired of Netflix, here are some free Netflix alternatives apps to watch free movies and TV shows on your iPhone, iPad, smart TV, or Android device,.

    1. Crackle – Movies & TV

    Crackle iOS

    Crackle is an app that lets you watch movies and TV shows for free. Although the service is free, it is supported by ads, something some people might not like. The app, however, lets you create a free account to show you fewer ads. With the account, you can also resume watching where you left across any device.

    Crackle was previously owned by Sony who later sold a majority stake to media company Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    You can download crack for a variety of devices including iOS, Android, streaming sticks, and even smart TVs at

    2. Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies

    Pluto TV on demand

    Pluto TV is a free movie and lives TV app that is even better than Cracker. The service also has a great variety of content for news junkies. On Pluto TV, you will find thousands of movies (on demand) and hundreds of live channels including Spanish-speaking channels.

    Pluto TV not only offers a great amount of content completely for free, but it also offers its app for all platforms. This includes a web app, mobile devices, streaming devices, smart TVs, and even a dedicated Windows app.

     3. Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows

    Tubi application

    Tubi TV is a cross-platform media app owned by FOX Entertainment. The service is financed by ads revenue and doesn’t require any account or any payments. As of now, the platform offers more than 35,000 movies and TV shows. It also offers nearly 100 local and live news channels and 250+ entertainment partners.

    The Tubi TV platform, like Pluto TV, is a very organized platform with very-well designed applications across multiple devices. If you create a free account with them, you can resume watching your content anywhere where you left on any other device.

    You can start watching Tubi TV straight from their website at on your web browser. Additionally, you can download their app on your Android, iOS, or streaming device.

    4. Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies

    Peacock streaming

    Although Peacock is Netflix’s seventh-largest competitor, it arguably has a lot better content. Peacock is a relatively new streaming service created by multimedia giant NBC Universal so Peacock TV is fully backed by that media conglomerate. It has the full catalog of movies from NBC Universal. Also, another major advantage of Peacock TV is that it gets movies 45 days after being released in theaters.

    Although Peacock TV is offered in a paid subscription model, you can use the service and get most of their content in their ad-backed plan. All you need to do is sign up for their ad plan which doesn’t even require you to put in a credit card, just an email and a password.

    Additionally, major home internet providers including Xfinity, Spectrum, and Cox are offering premium Peacock account for free.

    Peacock TV is available for iOS, Android, and web browser users.

    5. XUMO: Free Streaming TV Shows and Movies

    Xumo tv

    Another great service for those of you who want to watch free movies and live TV is Xumo. Xumo TV, an over-the-top internet television service owned by Comcast, offers plenty of channels and movies on demand. The service, like most free services, is funded by commercials or ad breaks.

    To use this service, you do not have to create an account or provide any information to the app. All you have to do is download their app for your device, or start watching their content online from your web browser.

    6. The Roku Channel

    Is the Roku Channel free

    Although Roku is mostly known for its Roku TV smart TV operating system and its streaming sticks, the company owns a very well-liked free movie and live TV service. The service called The Roku Channel offers a great amount of original TV series, hit movies, TV shows, and 24/7 live news. The service also offers a dedicated entertainment section just for kids.

    In order to use the Roku Channel service, all you have to do is to start streaming on your web browser or download their app for your mobile device. The service does not require any registration.

    7. IMDb TV

    imdb streaming

    When you see the name IMDb you are most likely to think about that website that has every single piece of information about every single movie released on this earth. What you probably don’t know is that that company is pivoting its business to the online streaming market. The subdivision of Amazon is no longer just a database of movies and actors’ information.

    Although IMDb TV does not offer live TV like other services, it offers a ton of quality movies, TV shows, and series. If you’re trying to watch quality, you should definitely try this app.

    The app, as it’s free, is funded through advisements that are very well integrated within the app. The service is totally free, but like all Amazon services, you need to sign in using an Amazon account in order to start watching their content.

    The IMDb TV app is available on most major platforms including gaming consoles like the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Additionally, IMBd TV can be downloaded on mobiles devices, smart TVs, and streaming devices.

    8. Redbox

    Redbox on demand

    Another company that went to the streaming market is Redbox. Most people know Redbox just as a DVD/Blu-ray rental company, where you go to their red kiosks rent a movie, and then return it. Redbox now offers on-demand streaming and free live TV service.

    You can watch Redbox’s free live TV or on-demand content straight from your web browser at Hover your mouse over “Watch Free” and select “Free Live TV” or Free On Demand.” You can also download their app on your Android smartphone or iOS device.

    9. The CW

    The CW streaming

    If you are more into television series rather than movies or live TV shows, then the The CW streaming app is the right app for you. The CW service has a great amount of TV series where you can watch full seasons of a lot of them.

    The CW app does not require any subscription or registration. All you have to do is download their app on your device and start watching TV series.

    10. Local Now: News, TV & Movies

    Local Now TV

    Local Now is a service that provides local news based on your location. When you launch the app or visit their site on your web browser, the first thing they ask is for your location in order to give you local news.

    Although Local Now focuses on local content, the service has hundreds of channels and thousands of movies to stream from. You do not need to sign up or sign in through a cable provider to use this service.

    Local Now is available on your web browser, iOS, and Android devices

    11. Optimum TV App

    optimum app for smart tv

    If you’re an Optimum subscriber, this is an app that will make you happy it exists. With the Optimum TV app, you can stream your channels directly on your iPhone, iPad, Amazon, or Android device. With the app, you can also manage your Optimum DVR from anywhere.

    Another great feature of the app is that you can stream all of Optimum On Demand shows and movies. You can also use your iOS or Android device to control your TV if you use this app.

    The Optimum TV app is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon firestick devices. To use this app, you’ll need to login with your Optimum ID and password.

    12. DISH Anywhere

    my dish anywhere

    Like the Optimum TV app, Dish offers the DISH Anywhere app that allow their subscribers to watch the same TV you get at home on your iPad and iPhone. Your can watch your live or recorded programs anytime, anywhere. Also, manage your home television with a full-featured DVR manager, a searchable program guide, and a virtual remote control.

    You can download DISH Anywhere from

    Finally, since these are too many services to keep up with, you should definitely go through each one one by one. In the end, keep the one that has the most content that you find more appealing or you are most interested in.