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    LG conducting tougher tests with the G6 to prevent a Note 7 similar fiasco


    Once LG unveil its upcoming G6 sometime next month, one thing we can be sure is that the phone will not have a disastrous lifespan as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did. To prevent the same thing from happening to them, LG Electronics is conducting tougher-than-required battery tests and incorporating new technology to its upcoming LG G6 flagship smartphone.

    “We will significantly improve the safety and quality of our new flagship smartphones as more consumers seek safe smartphones,” said Lee Seok-jong, LG Electronics’ mobile communication operation group.

    To improve the safety of the device, the electronic manufacturer told the Korea Herald that the LG G6 will use copper-made “heat-pipes,” which are mostly used in laptops and desktop computers to prevent their processors from frying out. Heat pipes can reduce temperatures by 6-10 percent by spreading it the internal heat around, as stated by The Korean Herald.

    Another design advantage the G6 will have to prevent a Note 7 catastrophe is that the LG G6 will keep parts that produce the most heat as far as possible from each other in order to prevent heat from concentrating in one spot.

    In additional of adding new technology, LG is also conducting tougher tests that goes above the required standards. “We are conducting battery heat exposure tests to a temperature 15 percent higher than the temperature set by the international standards of the US and Europe,” a LG official said. Furthermore, “The battery also undergoes diverse tests such as piercing it with a sharp nail or dropping a heavy object on it from a high place.”

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