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    Multi View on Samsung TV: What it is and how to disable it


    If you have recently acquired a Samsung smart TV, there’s a big chance that it has a feature hated by many and loved by others turned on by default: this feature would be Samsung Multi View.

    What is Multi View on a Samsung TV?

    MultiView is a feature integrated into the Tizen OS that allows Samsung TV owners to watch up to five pieces of content at the same time, depending on the TV size and model. For example, you can play your PlayStation or Xbox console on the left side of the screen while streaming a YouTube video or mirroring your phone on the right side of the screen.

    As of now, the Tizen TV OS apps that are compatible with the Multi View feature are very limited. These apps only include YouTube, YouTube TV, and Samsung TV Plus.

    Why some users don’t like Samsung TV Multi View

    Autorun Multi View Casting

    Although many people really enjoy this feature, many others are annoyed by it. One of the most popular reasons users are annoyed by this feature is that Samsung has an option called “Autorun Multi View Casting” on by default. If you rarely use the Multi-View feature or don’t use it at all, this default option can be a major headache when you use the video casting or screen mirroring features.

    This is because every time that you cast a video or mirror your phone to your Samsung TV, you will be forced to select your casted video once again on the TV screen, every single time that you cast a video. It will also prevent you from watching your source/content on full screen.

    Only one HDMI source at the same time

    Another reason why many Samsung TV users aren’t satisfied with Multi View is due to its limitations. One of the biggest limitations is that you cannot use Multi View to use two HDMI inputs simultaneously. An example of this would be is that if you would like to play your PlayStation 5 on the left side of the screen while your wife plays the Xbox One on the right side of the screen, this would not be possible because it’d use two HDMI inputs at the same time.

    Disable Multi View on Samsung TV

    If you are one of those users who are constantly annoyed by the “Autorun Multi View Casting” feature, luckily, although tricky to find, it’s easy to turn off. To turn off the Multi View feature on your Samsung TV:

    1. Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.
    2. Press Settings, located all the way to the left.
    3. Scroll to General > Smart Features> and unselect the “Autorun Multi-View Casting” option.