HomemultiMAN Update 02.05.03 Brings Motion Background and Fixes

    multiMAN Update 02.05.03 Brings Motion Background and Fixes [Video]


    PS3 homebrew developer deank, has released update v02.05.03 for multiMAN, his famous PS3 back up manager created by him. multiMAN Update 02.05.03 adds the ability to use seven controllers at the same time. It also brings motion background, a new feature to that allows to use a motion image as a background as you can see in the video below. This update also contains some fixes.

    multiMAN update v02.05.03 change logs:

     Originally Posted by deank
    02.05.02 minor update is available online (via multiMAN):* Added support for 7 connected controllers to be used simultaneously
    * Fixed setting wallpaper after PNG file was used as wallpaper
    * Color labels when selecting the color for the SIDE menu
    * Fixed sorting order in XMMB for PS3 HDD and USB device icons.
    * Fixed MP3 playback (when sometimes audio plays in wrong frequency)
    * Added animation/slide effect when browsing USB/PS3HDD devices in XMMB mode
    * Fixed freezing in coverflow when fast-browsing over 100 titlesDean
    You can download this update directly when launching multiMAN on your PS3, or you can learn and download it from PSX-Scene.

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