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    Plans that offer free Netflix through T-Mobile


    In September 2017, T-Mobile announced a perk that made their customers’ jaws drop: the “Un-carrier” announced the “Netflix On Us” perk. The “Netflix On Us” perk gave a free Netflix account to users who were on the T-Mobile ONE family plans.

    “Because this is the Un-carrier, getting Netflix On Us couldn’t be simpler. Starting Tuesday, September 12th, qualifying T-Mobile ONE customers can activate their Netflix subscription online, in-store or by calling T-Mobile’s award winning customer care. And, if you already have a Netflix subscription, T-Mobile will cover the cost of a standard subscription for you — meaning you’ll save nearly $120 every year.”

    But T-Mobile has made many changes since 2017. The carrier eliminated the ONE plans and has come up with different replacements since then. So, to make things simple, which current T-Mobile plans offer a free Netflix account?

    Plans offering free Netflix with T-Mobile

    It’s important to know that T-Mobile offers two different types of Netflix accounts depending on your plan and how many lines you have. The offered Netflix accounts are the Netflix Basic subscription and the Netflix Standard subscription.

    With a Netflix Basic subscription, you can only play Netflix content on one device simultaneously. A Netflix Standard account allows you to use the account on up to two devices at the same time.

    If you have one of these plans, you DO qualify for a free Netflix account through T-Mobile via the Netflix on Us promotion:

    *Plans on Netflix Basic are single-line plans unless stated as two or more lines are required. All Plans for the Nextflix Standard account require two lines or more.

    Netflix Basic (1 Screen)Netflix Standard (2 Screens) multi-line req
    Go5G NextGo5G Next
    Go5G PlusGo5G Next Military
    Go5G (2 or more lines req.)Go5G Next 55
    Go5G Military (2 or more lines req.)Go5G Next First Responder
    Go5G 55 (2 or more lines req.)Go5G Plus
    Go5G First Responder (2 or more lines req.)Go5G Plus Military
    Magenta MAXGo5G Plus 55
    Magenta MAX First ResponderGo5G Plus First Responder
    Magenta MAX MilitaryMagenta MAX Military
    Magenta MAX 55+ Magenta MAX 55+
    Magenta 55+Magenta MAX First Responder
    Magenta MilitaryMagenta MAX
    Magenta First Responder