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    Netflix On Us: Everything you need to know about your free Netflix account


    On September 12th, T-Mobile surprised their customers when they announced that it will give a free Netflix account to all qualifying customers. This comes after the carrier made an exclusive new partnership with Netflix. Although the plan sounds good, there have been many misunderstanding on who qualifies and who don’t. Many people have gone up far as saying that T-Mobile is just scamming their customers with this new Netflix On Us program. Nonetheless, T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us appears to be a great incentive to lure customers from other carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, or even Sprint. Anyway, here are some answers for some questions you might have regarding to this new service by T-Mobile.

    Do I qualify for a free T-Mobile Netflix account?

    Nope, and this is why many people believe T-Mobile made a dirty move on their customers. If you have the $100/2 lines plan, you will not qualify for a free Netflix account from T-Mobile. The $100/2 lines plan was just a promotion which did not last long. Also, if you a single customer on the $70 unlimited plan you will not qualify for a free Netflix account.

    So who qualifies for a free Netflix account?

    Free Netflix accounts will be granted to any customers on the new T-Mobile One plans with two or more lines added to their account. Excluding the single $70 plan, this plan starts at $120, which is $60 per line.

    Which Netflix plan is T-Mobile giving away?

    T-Mobile users will get the $9.99 standard plan which offers HD and two users can use the account at the same time.

    Where do I get my free Netflix account from?

    Alright. If you qualify for the free Netflix account, all you have to do is obtain the url to link your T-Mobile account with your Netflix account. You can obtain this link through T-Mobile’s website, by calling them, or through the official T-Mobile Android and iOS app. T-Mobile will pay directly to Netflix for your account after you associate the two.

    Why are some people complaining about this? Is this plan really a scam?

    No, this is not a scam. The problem with Netflix On Us, as stated above, is that current T-Mobile customers on the $100/2 plan do not qualify for this. T-Mobile has stated that if those customers wish to receive a free Netflix account from them, they will have to “upgrade” to the $120/2 lines plan. This is something that does not make sense to do if you’re in that plan. Instead of upgrading like T-Mobile says, you can just sign up for Netflix yourself and get you own standard account for $9.99. This will save you $10/month.

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