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    Nexus 6 camera ranked in top 10 best smarphone camera DxOMark list


    Nexus 6 cameraAlthough it did not come as an iPhone 6 killer in camera performance, the Nexus 6 ended up in the list of DxOMark’s top 10 smarphone camera. In a test with more than 12 criteria for picture and video recording, the Nexus 6 was positioned sixth in the list, beating the iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, and the Nokia 808.

    The expert who conducted the test praised the device for having good overall picture exposure, very good at preserving details when shooting in bright light conditions, good detail preservation, color rendering, and exposure when using flash, and for having a stable and repeatable autofocus as well. As for video recording, the Nexus 6 camera was praised for having a very good texture preservation along with good color and good noise performance.

    As for bad aspects of the camera, the tester stated that it has an slightly pink White Balance shooting in overcast and cloudy conditions, sharpness noticeably inconsistent between image centre and corners, and the Autofocus performance is slow in both low and good light conditions. The tester also stated for video cons, that image stabilization for walking movement could be improved, rolling shutter artifacts are visible, and the camera overshoot during refocusing.

    These are the top 10 best smarphone cameras according to tests performed by DxOMark which have the both iPhone 6 in first and second place, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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