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    Pending Order on Verizon: What is and how to cancel it?


    For many unexplainable reasons, a lot of Verizon customers are getting stuck on a “pending order” error. Due to this error, customers are unable to change their plans or even upgrade their devices. It doesn’t matter if you use a computer, the Verizon mobile app, or even a Verizon rep won’t be able to change your plan or upgrade your device if you’re stuck on this error.

    Those stuck on the Verizon “Pending Order” message usually receive this notification for a variety of known and unknown reasons.

    You have a pending order on your account.

    You currently have a pending order on this account. You have the option to return to My VRW to add a new device after the order has been completed or you may contact Customer Service at (800) 922-0204 for assistance with your order.

    Why does this happen?

    Officially, Verizon states that a pending order message happens because of an order that is currently in progress or is future-dated. As explained by Verizon, you will trigger a Pending Order notification, if you:

    • Add/upgrade a device.
    • Change feature or service on a device.
    • Change the device IMEI/MEID or phone number.
    • Disconect, reconnect or suspend line or device.
    • Change your plan.

    Verizon Wireless Pending Order loophole

    Although the above are the official reasons why you may get a “Pending Order” message, this error gets triggered by many other reasons that Verizon does not officially explain, which is where the frustrating problem comes.

    One of the reasons, not explained by Verizon, that you might end up in this loophole is if you upgrade through a third-party place such as Apple, BestBuy, or Samsung, and your order gets canceled. Your order might get canceled due to the store running out of stock for the specific-ordered device or that the store was not able to verify your identity with the carrier.

    This error might also happen if you change your plan and then try to order a new device.

    Ironically, even when it shows “Pending Order” on your end, the frustrating part is that it will say “Order canceled” on the representative’s end.

    Cancel Pending Order On Verizon

    If for some reason you got stuck on the “Pending Order” loophole you’ll need the right Verizon representative to fix this issue, not all of them are capable of doing so. Here are some tips for getting to the right Verizon rep that can fix this issue:

    • When calling, ask the representative to transfer you to Verizon’s CORe team, they usually fix these types of issues very quickly.
    • Chat with Verizon customer service from The representative should submit escalate this by opening a ticket with their IT department. The representative will get back to you when the issue gets fixed.
    • Contact Verizon’s Sales Representative: (800) 256-4646. Not the usual customer care number.