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    PS4 hacker to release piracy tool for the PS4, allowing users to save disc to HDD


    When the PS3 hacked firmware was released to the public, the most famous homebrew application was the famous piracy app called MultiMan. What this piece of software let you do was everything Sony did not want its users to do on their console: pirate games. This app was so powerful that it allowed you to download full games from the internet and transfer it to your PS3 via WiFi and an ethernet connection. On top of that, it also allowed you to rip games to your PS3 hard drive, eliminating the need of having physical discs to play your favorite PS3 game.

    Well, deank, the developer behind this software, announced that he is currently looking to revive this powerful app for hacked PS4 users. “I’m glad I visited psx-place last sunday to read about the PS4 exploit,” the hacker wrote on While proving two screenshot of the current development of the app, he continues to state that this tool might not be exactly how it was on the PS3, “Well mM for PS4 won’t be anything like the PS3 version because of the different concepts between both generations, but I’ll figure out some useful things to implement.”