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    How to login into your PSEG account and easily pay your bill


    If you’re a PSE&G customer, creating a PSE&G online account is something you should essentially do. By having a PSE&G account, you will no longer need to waste any time calling customer service to fix an issue for you.

    This is because if you have a PSE&G account, you will have a lot of features and useful options. Additionally, you can make your life even easier by downloading the PSEG app and login into your account with it.

    PSEG My Account

    To begin with, if you have never created a PSEG online account, you will need to create one before login in. Luckily, this is something very easy to do. To do this, all you have to do is go to and click the REGISTER link. When registering, you will be asked to provide your name along with your account number.

    Although you don’t necessarily need to register with them to pay your bill, you should create an account so you can get a better understanding of your electric/gas bill. You will also be able to download a copy of past bills and payments you have already made.

    PSEG My Account best options/features

    These are the most important options you will have after you create a PSE&G account:

    • Bills: Pay bill; add or remove automatic payment; enroll in paperless bills; view/download bills in PDF; make a payment arrangement; view billing and payment history.
    • Appointments: View or schedule an appointment
    • Report outages: You can report outages such as streetlight outages, power outages, and even gas leaks.
    • Moving: If you’re moving to another place, you can easily transfer your service by using your online account. Additionally, you can cancel your service or even add service at another address using your current name/account.

    PSEG app

    For those with a PSE&G online account, PSE&G also offers a mobile app that has a great number of features. The PSEG app allows you to:

    • Make payments
    • Compare and manage energy usage
    • Report outages
    • View map of outages
    • Edit payments methods
    • Contact a PSEG representative

    Linking PSEG account with Alexa, Google Assistant

    If you constantly use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, another cool thing you can do is link your PSE&G account with your Amazon or Google account for voice assistance. Here are a few of the commands you can use with Alexa or Google Assistant:

    • Current Balance & Due Date
    • Pay Your Balance
    • Schedule Payments
    • Report an Outage
    • Check your Outage Status
    • Schedule Service Appointments
    • Check for Existing Service Appointment Updates
    • Check Existing Worry-Free Coverage
    • Bill Reminders

    You can link your PSEG account with Amazon Alexa by enabling the PSE&G skill through or the Alexa app.

    Download the PS&G app

    You need to download the PSE&G app based on your device or location. PSE&G has an app for Android devices and iOS devices. The electric provider also has two individual apps for New Jersey and Long Island residents.

    PSE&G app for New Jersey residents:

    PSE&G app for Long Island residents: