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    R-SIM IV claims to unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 5 with 4.11.08 baseband


    There’s finally a big hope for iPhone 4 users stuck on iOS 5, 5.01 with baseband 4.11.08. After begging to iPhone hackers like Sherif Hashim and the creators of Gevey SIM and getting no positive replies, the team behind R-SIM decided to announce their unlock SIM interposer for iPhone 4 on baseband 4.11.08. It is not confirmed yet whether this work or not because the interposer is not out yet. According to a pre-sell page from the supplier, R-SIM IV will be available for sale within 10 days — which would be on April 6.

    Good News for every people who is stucked at 4.11.08 IOS 5,

    The long time waiting is over.

    Our R-SIM IV is designed for unlocking it, and R-SIM IV will be available in 10 days.

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    R-SIM IV supplier,, has posted a sell page for R-SIM, only displaying the price with the information above in quotes. Although the page displays that R-SIM is out of stock, it says that it will cost $59. Here’s R-SIM’s previous unlock for the iPhone 4S which tells that R-SIM can be trusted.

    If you’re on iOS 5, or iOS 5.0.1 and waiting for an unlock, it is recommended to not update your phone to Apple’s new iOS 5.1. By updating your iPhone to that version, you will have to wait much longer for another iPhone unlock solution — just like you’re doing right now.