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    Real iPhone 6 pictures, videos leaked online by Chinese user


    iPhone 6 leak

    It appears that Apple is not so lucky when it comes to online leaks. Last week private pictures of people using their iCloud service were leaked online by a 4Chan user. Now the company’s next iPhone has been leaked online by a Chinese man on social website Weibo, ruining their surprise event for September 9. Although we cannot assure you if the device is the real one or not, the iPhone 6 leaked by the Chinese man appears to be a legit iPhone 6. From what we can tell, the device is not running Android with an iPhone shell. The animation of the OS is also very smooth compared to your average fake iPhone. The version you’re seeing is the long rumored 4.7 inch iPhone.

    A picture of the system settings shows that it’s running a full version of iOS 8, not a developer version, now with 6 icons per row. As many rumors point out, the iPhone 6 features a protruding camera like the iPod touch 5. When compared to the images of the Foxconn stolen iPhone 6, both devices look very similar to one another.

    iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s back iPhone 6 icons iPhone 6 protruding camera iPhone 6 wrap

    Here are some of the video that were leaked:


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