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    SemiRestore restores jailbroken iPhone without updating it



    Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is nice and brings many new options to your device. But it’s only nice until you run into problems with your device and need to get restored. Or even if you want to sale it without removing the jailbreak, the phone has to be restored through iTunes which forces you to install the latest iOS firmware in order to update it. This will remove the jailbreak and you won’t be able to jailbreak it again.

    But thanks to developer @coolstarorg, soon there will be an option to restore your iOS device without updating it to the latest iOS version. CoolStar is developing a tool called “Semi-Restore” which will allow you to restore your jailbroken iOS device to its current version. The tool, however, won’t completely restore your device, it’ll only remove all contents and apps you have put in it, which is all you need to do if you sale it or give it away. Since it won’t completely restore your device, it will not repair damages caused by corrupted system files.

    The developer claims that it’s compatible with all jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 through 6.1.2. Here’s a video from iDownloadBlog showing instructions on how it works:

    You can follow the progress of this program on its website at and download it once available.