Thursday, September 16, 2021
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    Sony asks PS4 users if they want to change PSN name, more PS2 games


    PS4 DualShock 4In an attempt to get to know which features are the most important for PS4 users, Sony sent out a survey to PS4 users with of list of features asking them which of those features are the most important to them. A feature which has been requested ever since the PS3 was released is the ability to change PSN names. This feature is found in the survey along other requested features such as more PS2 games, appear offline mode, custom background and more. NeoGAF member Saint of Killers was able to take a screenshot of the survey which you can see below…

    PS4 survey change PSN

    It’s still unknown whether Sony is seriously considering giving PS4 users the ability to change their PSN name. The company doesn’t really have to ask this in a survey to know that this is something their users really want. The ability to change PSN ID has been one of the most petitioned feature on the PlayStation Blog for years. The company also sent out a survey asking its users if they want the ability to change the PSN ID more than a year ago.