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    Sony pulled this PlayStation Vita ad for being too sexual (video)


    In a new ad showing the PlayStation Vita Remote Play feature which allows you to stream your PS4 into a PlayStation Vita, Sony released a new ad with a sexy female doctor. The female doctor accuses the viewer of doing something too often, which we can conclude that she’s accusing the viewers of masturbating way too much. The doctor accuses the us (the viewers) of doing it on our bedroom under the blanket, the kitchen (weird as fuck), the toilet, in the garden (WTF). Then after stating the locations where we might be doing it way too much, she explains that we should’t be ashamed of doing it because everyone is doing it that is too good. At the end she even invites us to join her.

    To have sex nope? At then end she revealed that everyone is gaming on their PlayStation Vita and PS4 using the Remote Play feature – not masturbating as she makes us believed through the beginning of the video.

    Apparently, Sony couldn’t handled the backslah it received due to feminism. Although the ad is a great advertisement, the company removed the ad from their YouTube channel.

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