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    T-Mobile blamed for death of 6-month-old baby in Dallas


    Due to a problem between T-Mobile phones and the emergency dispatch system, T-Mobile has been blamed for the recent death of a 6-month-old baby in Dallas, Texas. According to city officials, “ghost calls” from T-Mobile phones are clogging the city’s emergency dispatch system. According to officials, the problem has been going on since November. The clogging is caused by a bug which makes multiple ghost calls every time a T-Mobile customer calls 911.

    As CNN reports, an investigation has been opened on whether this issue with T-Mobile was responsible for the death of the 6-month-old Brandon Alex on Saturday. It was confirmed that the babysitter made multiple 911 calls from her T-Mobile phone but never received an answer from a dispatcher. The 911 operators returned each of the babysitter’s calls but could not reach her, city officials said.

    “It is outrageous that T-Mobile still has not resolved the ghost call issue that is putting Dallasites in danger by clogging our 911 system,” Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said in a statement.