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    This Is the Most Realistic iPhone 5 Concept Ever Seen


    Another iPhone 5 concept, this concept was created by MacRumor forum user iMattcotv. In this mockup you can see how the iPhone 5 would look with features such as:

    • L.E.D Indicator for Notification Center, as seen on BlackBerry phones
    • Improved front camera with flash
    • A button dedicated for the camera
    • 4 inch display
    • A better Home Button

    This Is The Most Realistic iPhone 5 Concept You'll Ever See

    Author note:

    – The home button is still pushable, just like it is now, the only difference is, its touch sensitive, and would probably be very accurate if made by apple. (say if you swipe up, but are still holding the button, it wont activate anything until its let go)

    – The dimensions are exactly the same as the iPhone 4, the only difference is theres an ever so slight width adjustment (probably about 2-4mm), which you cannot possibly notice.. The reason it looks wider is because of the shortened top and bottom bezel due to the increased screen size.

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