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    USPS Informed Delivery app discontinued, here’s the new replacement


    As of June 12, 2021, USPS pulled its Informed Delivery app from Google Play and the App Store. As of that date, the app has also stopped working for users who already have it installed on their devices. Although the standalone app has been discontinued, Informed Delivery as a service has not. There are various ways USPS still offers its Informed Delivery service.

    What is Informed Delivery

    First, we need to know what is USPS Informed Delivery.

    Informed Delivery is a free service that allows us to preview our mails and packages before they arrive at our doorstep. Typically, you get an email in the morning from Informed Delivery with a picture of each letter/mailpiece you’re supposed to receive that day. The service also provides a list of each package you’ll receive today, have received in past, or will receive in the future.

    What happened to the Informed Delivery app?

    USPS Mobile apps

    Firstly, USPS had two different apps on Google Play and the App Store. These two apps were USPS Mobile and Informed Delivery. While USPS discontinued their Informed Delivery app, they never stopped offering the Informed Delivery service through other channels.

    USPS just wants to have a single app instead of two different apps doing the same thing. If you want to keep using the Informed Delivery service on your cellphone, you need to download the official USPS Mobile app on Android or iOS (iPhone).

    Once you’re in the USPS Mobile app, just click the Informed Delivery option once you open it.

    Informed Delivery vs USPS Mobile app

    When USPS announced this decision, many people got very upset about these changes. This is because the Informed Delivery app was vastly superior to the USPS Mobile app.

    One of the reasons that the standalone Informed Delivery app was superior was because the app looked and felt like a native app. As opposed to the USPS Mobile app, Informed Delivery did not just open a link inside itself and acted as a web browser.

    Secondly, with Informed Delivery you’d remain logged in as opposed to the USPS Mobile app. On the USPS Mobile app, you just get a link to open the Informed Delivery website within the app. Because of this, you’ll have to enter your login info every time you’d like to have access to your Informed Delivery account.

    Other ways to access Informed Delivery

    Luckily, if you hate the USPS Mobile app there are other ways to access Informed Delivery.

    You can open up any web browser and check your Informed Delivery account by clicking “Sign In” at

    The second option is by receiving USPS informed daily digest in your email box.