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    How to view your Verizon call log at any time


    If for some reason you need your Verizon call log/call history, you do not have to worry. Verizon makes viewing your call log very easy across any device. Other than Verizon itself, there are other ways to obtain your account log or call history. Here are all the ways you can see you call history on Verizon…

    View Verizon call history on computer

    To check your full Verizon call log, you will need to access your Verizon account through a computer web browser as the Verizon mobile app lacks this information. This, however, is extremely easy to accomplish.

    1. On your computer web browser, head over to and click Sign in at the upper-right hand corner.
    2. Click Sign in to My Account. Type your Verizon account information. In case you still do not have a My Verizon account set up yet, just click the Register option and follow the instructions.
    3. Once signed in, click View usage, and then Minutes details under Talk & Text.Verizon call history

    From that page, you will be able to see a detailed call log with important information. This information includes the date, call time, call type (incoming, outgoing), phone number, and how long the call lasted. Additionally, you can download all the information as a spreadsheet.

    View Verizon call history from your phone

    This option will give you the number of minutes you have used, the number of text sent messages, and break down how much data you have used on LTE or 5G. Unfortunately, unlike on desktop, the app does not give a detailed call log. So if you want more information go to your Verizon account on your computer.

    First, here’s what you’ll need:

    • An Android or iPhone smartphone
    • A My Verizon account
    1. Dowload the My Verizon app either for your Android or iPhone device.
    2. Open the app and login into your My Verizon account. If you do not have one, just click the “Register” option and follow the on-screen guide.
    3. Within the app, tap Account> View Usage. From there, scroll down and tap “Usage details.”

    In the future, if you want to manage your Verizon messages log as well, the best way of doing it is through Verizon’s Message+ app.