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    Every free perks Verizon customers can currently get


    Other than trying to have the most reliable network across the country, carriers are also competing with each other by offering many type of free perks in their plan. Of those carriers, one which offers great perks for their customers is Verizon Wireless. This perks can be used and can be very appropriated by most of their customers. So if you’re a Verizon Wireless’ customer, you should really claim all of these enjoyable perks included in your plan.

    Note: Some of these perks are only available with a specific plan…

    Free Apple Music

    As a Verizon customer, the first thing you should know is that you might be eligible for a complete free Apple Music account. All unlimited data plan come with a subscription to Apple Music. Customers on the Play More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Above UnlimitedĀ data plan can get Apple Music for free forever, or as long as they have those plans. Other Unlimited data plans such as Start Unlimited and Do More Unlimited can sign up for Apple Music but it will only be free of charge for six months, not forever like the other unlimited plans.

    To claim your free Apple Music account as a Verizon customer, all you have to do is to login into your Verizon account through the Verizon app or through their web portal and associate your Apple account with your Verizon account. To do this navigate to the Account option and activate the Verizon On Us add-on which is found under the Entertainment tab.

    Although Apple Music is from Apple, don’t get confused and believe is only for iPhone users. Android users can also use Apple Music on their Android device.

    Cautious: Make sure you associate your desired Verizon account with your desired Apple account to activate the free Apple Music on that particular Apple Music account. If you later on try to move your free Verizon Apple Music account to another Apple ID, you won’t be able to do it. Instead you will get a unfixable error saying: This membership is already being used with a different Apple ID.

    Free Disney Plus Verizon

    Another perk from Verizon wireless hat you should definitely redeem is your free Disney+ account. Verizon will give you a year of Disney Plus if you are on any of their unlimited data plan. These plans include Verizon Unlimited plan, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, and Start Unlimited. To activate your free Disney Plus account through Verizon, all you have to do is navigate our account and activate Disney+ On Us under the Entertainment tab of your Verizon account.


    Another program Verizon offer to its customers is the VerizonUp reward program.This program allows you use your accumulated points to claim a reward. VerizonUp most of the time has worthless prizes like useless gift cards for stores you will never go or have never heard of, but once in while they have great prizes such as Amazon gift cards or discount towards a device, and even VIP tickets for concerts. The VerizonUp program is included with all unlimited data plans.