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    How to get the good old Verizon February Unlimited Data plan back


    Last year, if you wanted to have an unlimited data plan you had to use one of the two worst carriers here in the US, which were Sprint and T-Mobile. The top two best carriers, AT&T and Verizon, did not offer any type of unlimited data plan at that time. Thankfully, Verizon started the year of 2017 by breaking that cycle and offering unlimited data for the first time since 2011. The carrier announced their first unlimited data plan since 2011 named The New Verizon Plan Unlimited.

    When released, the plan only costed $80 and offered many perks. Now Verizon has turned the once-a-simple plan into three different unlimited plan that can confuse the heck out of anyone unless they read a bunch of pages and to get a good understanding of each plans. On top of being confusing, Verizon has also made the three unlimited data plan more expensive, with the exception of the GoUnlimited, which is a bit cheaper but a horrible plan. Anyway, even though Verizon has retired the original New Verizon Plan Unlimited (Feb 2017), there’s a loophole which allows any customer to get it.

    To begin with, you should have your own reasoning on why you would like to get this old discontinued plan. If you don’t, to put it into perspective, the old February 2017 Unlimited Data plan is basically the new Beyond Unlimited at a cheaper price, with some minor exceptions. If you’re on a single line, the savings aren’t that great, only $5/month. The big savings come when adding extra lines. With plans you have up to 10 smartphones connected. Here’s how much it will cost you for each lines on both plans with the $5 autopay discount applied to it:

    Verizon Unlimited vs Beyond Unlimited vs Go Unlimited

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    New Verizon Plan Unlimited:

    • 1 Line: $80
    • 2 Lines: $140
    • 3 Lines: 160
    • 4 Lines: 180

    Beyond Unlimited:

    • 1 Line: $85
    • 2 Lines: $160
    • 3 Lines: $180
    • 4 Lines: $200

    On top of cheaper lines, here are the other perks of the The new Verizon Plan Unlimited:

    • HD video streaming (720p for smartphones and 1080p for tablets)
    • 15GB of Mobile hotspot
    • Unlimited talk, text and international text
    • Calls to and from Mexico, Canada completely free
    • 22GB of premium data, meaning you won’t be deprioritized if a cell tower is congested prior reaching 22GB of data
    • Military discount
    • $5 autoplay discount

    Now, if this is a plan that you would like to get, since Verizon has discontinued this plan, you will have to obtain it using a loophole. Here’s how to do it…

    1. Navigate on your computer web browser
    2. Login to your account and select the red Chat now icon
    3. Once the chat window shows up, type that you would like to upgrade to the plan named New Verizon Plan Unlimited, plan code 98127
    4. They should find it easily with that information and the rep. should change you to the plan immediately

    After it takes effect, you should see the name of your plan as the New Verizon Plan Unlimited when login in to your Verizon Wireless web account.