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    Verizon announces new prepaid plans, cheaper but worse


    On Friday, America’s largest carrier announced remolded pricing for their unlimited customers. Verizon announced that beginning on June 6, the carrier will give more data for less money. The carrier will offer three new plans which includes:

    • 3GB / $40 – previously 2GB for $40
    • 7GB / $50 –┬ápreviously 5GB for $50
    • 10GB / $60 – previously 10GB for $70

    Like with the previous plans, these three new plans will include Mobile Hotspot for cellular data sharing, and CarryOver Data. Each plan also include unlimited talk and text across the US, and unlimited text to more than 200 international destinations and unlimited calling from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada.

    So what’s bad about these new plans?

    You know: If it’s coming from Verizon there’s has to be something sketchy somewhere.┬áThis time is not exceptional. With these new plans, you will no longer be able to watch 720p or 1080p videos on your mobile device, all videos will be streamed up at 480p. During network congestion, your data speeds will be lowered for customers on contract.

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