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    Verizon launches new carrier just for unlimited data users


    As discovered by TechCrunch, earlier this year, Verizon launched a new cell phone carrier under the name of Visible. As of right now, the carrier only offers one plan which is strictly aimed at those who want an unlimited-everything plan. Since the MVNO is in its infancy, Verizon is only letting customers to join through an invitation. To get an invitation, you’ll need to know someone who’s already a member and can send you one.

    After receiving an invitation, you’ll need to download the Visible Phone Service app from the App Store and create an account from there. After that, Verizon will send you a SIM card overnight. Unfortunately, this service is for iPhone users and you’ll need an iPhone to use this new carrier.

    Visible’s only plan currently costs $40/month. The plan includes unlimited data, messages, and minutes here in the US. Since this MVNO belongs to Verizon, you’ll be covered with Verizon’s extensive Verizon’s 4G LTE Network. So what’s the downside of this carrier? It looks too good to be true. That’s right. On the data side, there are many limitations which are already found on some other carriers including:

    • Streaming Video: 1-3Mbps
    • Video Chatting: 1-2 Mbps
    • Social media apps: 1 Mbps
    • Streaming Audio: 0.5 Mbps

    On top of that, you will be deprioritized if the cell tower you’re using is congested.


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