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    Wells Fargo Access Code discontinued, here’s how to get the new one


    As of April 1, 2021, Wells Fargo will discontinue its ATM Access Code feature. The ATM Access Code is a feature that allows you to use a code obtained from your phone on any Wells Fargo ATM. By using this code, you do not need to carry your debit card with you. Also, if you ever lose your debit card, you can still have access to an ATM by using this code.

    Unfortunately, many Wells Fargo customers are used to this feature but are unaware that the Wells Fargo one-time access code is an obsolete way of using an ATM in case you left your wallet at home. There are various ways of accessing an ATM in a cardless way. As long you have an NFC-enabled smartphone and a mobile wallet, the Wells Fargo ATM Access Code is no longer a needed feature.

    Wells Fargo ATM without card

    Thanks to NFC (Near-field communication), requesting an access code from the app and then typing it on the ATM is a thing of the past. Now, instead of typing all you have to do is bump your cell phone with the ATM’s Contactless Symbol.

    After that, just type in your account PIN. But to do this we first must set up a digital wallet on our cell phones.

    Setting up a digital wallet with Wells Fargo

    Setting up a digital wallet is a simple process. The procedure is actually the same on Android cell phones and iPhones. The only difference is that iPhone users will use Apple Pay as their digital wallet while Android users have the option of using Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

    1. Download the official Wells Fargo app for iPhone or Android and login into your account.
    2. Tap Menu on the bottom right to use wells fargo atm without card
    3. After Menu, tap Cards> Digital Wallets.
    4. The “Add Cards to Digital Wallets” page will give you a list of all digital wallets you can associate with your Wells Fargo account. For example, iPhone users should have Apple Pay and PayPal on their list, while Android users should see a combination of Google Pay, PayPal, and Samsung Pay as their options. digital wallets
    5. Tap the digital wallet you would like to use. In my case, I personally prefer Apple Pay. From there you will see a list of all your cards. Just tap “Add to Apple Wallet” if you’re on iPhone, or “Add to Google Pay” if you’re using an Android-based device.

    Once you have all of your cards in your mobile phone’s digital wallet, you no longer need to carry your physical card. Through your digital wallet, you can do the most important things: withdrawing cash from the ATM or paying for an item at a store.

    Using digital wallets (Apple Pay) to withdraw cash at ATMs

    Now that you have successfully set up a digital wallet for your Wells Fargo account, it’s time to learn how to make payments at stores or take out cash from ATMs.

    1. Put your phone near the contactless symbol on the ATM machine. This contactless symbol should be near the screen.ATM Contactless digital wallet
    2. Your device will ask you for your ID, fingerprint, or Face ID to allow your phone to communicate with the ATM.
    3. After you have granted access to your phone, just type your card’s PIN on the ATM.

    If you would like to make any payment at a store using your digital wallet inclduing Apple or Google Pay, just tap or get your phone near the payment terminal and grant the machine access to your device by unlocking your device.