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    Wells Fargo redesigns its mobile app, here are the new features and changes


    Update: The new Wells Fargo app redesigned update is live. You can download the redesigned Wells Fargo app from Google Play (for Android) or from the App Store for iOS devices.

    Wells Fargo has announced that they will soon release a completely rebuilt mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android users. The major redesign, which they call the “easier” update, will bring enhancements and make the app even easier to use. Some newly redesigned elements will include a new account summary and a New Pay & Transfer hub.

    One of the biggest changes is in the Account Summary tab, where you will be able to see most of your account information at a glance. The other one is the new Pay & Transfer hub.

    Wells Fargo mobile app: Account Summary

    Once you click an account from the “Accounts” tab, you will have three options. These options include Overview, Manage account, Routing & details. Within the Overview page, you’ll be able to see your balance along with details of your most recent transactions. The “Manage Account” tab will show you a list of your debit card/credit card features, while the “Routing & details” will show you your account number and routing number.

    Wells Fargo Pay & Transfer hub on app

    Another change is that the Transfer and Zelle options got lumped together in a new tab called Pay & Transfer hub. Within the Pay & Transfer hub, you will have many options to move your money around. These options include sending money through Zelle, transferring from one account to another, and wiring money. In the hub, you will also find the option to pay your credit card, mortgage, and bills. The Pay & Transfer hub will be accessible through the bottom navigation bar on the new app update.

    Although the new app is a rebuilt app, the bottom navigation bar will mostly stay the same. Elements like the color scheme, icons, and many other options will be exactly as found in the older app.

    The update will not bring back the Access Code feature, a feature Wells Fargo discontinued last year. This decision ended up disappointing many Wells Fargo customers.