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    What Android 4.5 should look like (images)


    Android 4.5 conceptAndroid 4.4 KitKat is the most well-designed mobile operating system for many consumers. The system brought many improvements such  as memory optimization and new features that allows the operating system to be installed in lower-end devices. Even with all the improvements Android 4.4 has, there are some users who are not a fan of the design. If you’re one those who don’t like the Android 4.4 design… then this new redesigned Android 4.5 concept from will change your mind. The new images show Android with rounded edges, white background, and a new camera interface.

    This is what the settings in Android 4.5 should look like according to the artist:

    Android 4.5 settings mock up

    Adjusting volumes everywhere within the system: 

    Android 4.5 volume control

    Here’s the calculator new look:

    android 4.5 calculator



    Source: Pixel-Shift

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